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In recent years Garage Door security has been gradually improved to keep pace with demand from the public & trade for better physical security. Rising break-ins and theft from garages have led Garador to create the most secure Up & Over door ever produced.

Garador have now launched the ‘Guardian’ range of SBD (Secured By Design) built to ‘Police preferred’ specification. The UK’s only SBD approved Up & Over door.

They are supplied with a Steel frame as standard and include

  1. Lock Body protection reinforcing plate
  2. Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder lock
  3. High Security Bracing (up from 2 to a massive 8 braces) with 70 extra welds
  4. Standard 4-Point locking with reinforced botttom lock plates

Garage security doors tend to be doors which are constructed primarily with security in mind rather than practicality or aesthetics. These doors tend to be constructed from a strong metal which is difficult to bend or prise open and cannot easily be battered or cut into.

Moreover, garage security doors tend to utilise sophisticated locking mechanisms with multiple points of contact. This reduces the chances of intruders being able to sheer off individual locks in order to gain entry to the garage. Furthermore, multiple points of contact prevent the door from being removed entirely or the hinges simply being drilled away.

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