Remote Control Operators

Automate your new or existing Garage Door

A garage door operator is the ultimate accessory for your garage door and is much more affordable than you might think!

Opening your garage door from the comfort of your car is not only easy, it’s safe too.

Simply press your own personally coded button and the automatic operator will quietly and effortlessly open the door and illuminate the garage all at the same time. You can then choose to drive into the garage & close the door behind you all without leaving the security of your car.

All of our operator systems come with two remote keyfob style handsets as standard (you can add more if you wish) . For security and to eliminate the possibility of ‘false’ opening the system selects a random code from over a billion possibilities. These ‘Rolling’ codes change each time the system is used to ensure continued security and peace of mind.

All of our operators have ‘Slow-Start & ‘Soft-Stop’ operation. A manual override is fitted to enable door operation in the unlikely event of a power cut. Once power is reconnected the system can be used again as normal. Safety overload sensing is standard so if an obstruction is encountered the door will stop & momentarily auto-reverse in a completely safe & predictable manner to enable the obstruction to be cleared.

It makes sense to add an Automatic Operator system to your new garage door installation, alternatively it is usually possible to retro-fit a system to your existing garage door..We have a variety of systems suitable for single size doors up to the largest double size doors. Our surveyor can advise as to the best solution for you.

Our Garage Door Operator systems

240v Mains - Our most popular systems - latest Ultra Low Energy usage incorporating low power standby - mode, energy saving light bulbs & LED technology.

NOW - A battery and solar solution for off-grid automation of your door, e.g. if no electricity is available.

Solar Powered system

Battery Powered system (long life rechargeable – Battery & charger supplied)

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