Up & Over Door - Canopy lifting gear

Ideal for manual operation

Available up to 8’ (2438mm) wide
The canopy garage door uses the most common type of garage door mechanism, its name derives from the fully opened garage door panel protruding about a third forward of the sub frame to form a canopy. It gives maximum drive-through width when open and is the easiest to install.

These must be fitted to a timber or Steel ‘goal post’ style frame. The door balance is achieved by a torsion spring positioned above the door panel on the head of the fixing frame lifting the door panel by a pair of cables attached to a roller either side of the door.

The canopy door mechanism is now only available up to 8’ (2438mm) wide. It is ideal for manual operation and can save space in the garage. It is not generally used if the garage door is to beautomated although with the use of a 'bow arm converter' and quality operator this type of door can be automated successfully.

Due to Euro legislation all currently UK manufactured canopy doors come with anti-drop mechanisms as standard fitment.

Up & Over Door - Retractable lifting gear

Ideal for automatic operation

Available up to 16’ (4877mm) wide
The retractable garage door has the most robust type of up and over garage door lifting mechanism, using multi-tension springs at the sides with steel lifting arms and horizontal steel tracks it can take much heavier loads, the ‘retractable’ name is derived from the garage door panel retracting almost fully into the garage when open.

This type of mechanism is ideal to convert easily and safely into automatic operation on both new & existing doors. The drive-through width (the gap between the frame posts) on a retractable mechanism is reduced as the lifting arms sit in between the sub-frame when the door is opened, although some manufacturers have now designed lifting arms to overcome this on doors up to 8’ (2438mm) wide (see below)

Garador R+ retractable gear option giving extra clearance

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